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Gentle Stream


What you seek is seeking you

We build our lives through relationship: Relationship to work, creativity, vision, love, family, health, and to self. Womb wisdom teaches us the value of relationship and womb wellness is reliant on our good relations. Sometimes we may feel out of balance in our relationships and in need of a reset or recalibration. Is money tight and work not flowing? Are you feeling lethargic and out of body? Do you feel disconnected from your source or from others? Would you like to connect with your womb wisdom in a safe space with other sisters? Do you just need a slow weekend to focus inward so that you can make your own adjustments?
We invite you to come restore and rejuvenate at our Womb Wisdom Wellness Retreat. Through yoga, tantra, ritual, nutrition, hand crafting, dance, and meditation we will attend to our relationships, cultivate abundance, heal trauma, and bless our lives!


September 6th


Opening Circle + Prayer+ Water & Land offerings


Love Potion Crafting with Melissa

Heart opening Healing Sound bath 

When we have our hearts open we are able to step further into our power and our own medicines. We are able to open the gates to our own self love and safety within. This is a guided mediation to align us with our inner peace, and stillness so we can begin to hear our womb whispers of guidance. A lullaby to put your body in deep rest before you journey into dream land under the stars. 



Goddess Embodiment : Stepping into your Power+ Prayer+ Purpose+ Passion lead by Natalia 

Reactivating your divine feminine essence A time to elevate our prayers for our womb, our dreams, all women, and for the world. A sacred time of balance and renewal, special ceremony space to honor the divine feminine within.​

Self care​

Free time to take care and nourish

Moon Medicine: the Wisdom, Medicine, + Power of our Wombs: Rhythms, Ritual, & Care taught by Natalia

 Learn the cycles of our bodies in harmony with self and with mother earth, discover new ways to holistically support your temple and spirit through each phase of the month. Explore ways to honor and celebrate and fully embody the divine feminine.​


Shadow Work Session with Mexican Medicine Woman Melissa


Shamanic Ceremony lead by Medicine Woman Melissa


September 8

September 7th


September 9

Yoga Nidra lead by Afi

 Afi leads sisters through relaxation breathwork bringing the body into deep rest, clarity, and body awareness​

Renew + Restore Yoga lead by Tirza

A restorative stretch, movement and flow taught by Tirza ​



Vision Ways Dream Weaving: Dream catcher weaving guided by Nayeva

Weaving our prayers, intentions, and visions of dreams into dream catchers to take home to carry forward with us. A meditative art met with sister reflection time, dream setting, and learning the power of womanifesting.​


Self Care


Womb Clearing Ritual

 A floral bath of renewal in our sacred spring waters, purifying our wombs of the carried wounds and traumas from this life time, cleansing our beings of toxic stories, patterns, and belief systems that have been inherited instead of chosen.​

Native Sweat Lodge + Wisdom of the Water Women teachings by Nayeva

​A rebirth within the earth, enter an authentic native sweat lodge to pray, release, and sing. Activating our voices as well as our dreams, Sisters gather in circle around firey hot stones to offer self expresssion, song, prayer, and wisdom- bringing healing to the wounds of the mind & heart. This sacred gathering is a rites of passage, a communion with creator, and when we open the door of the Inipi we emerge reborn, leaving behind all that is impure.​​


Awakening our senses: Tantra Meditation guided by Afi

Our pleasure is our power, Afi leads us into mediation opening pathways of self discovery, attuning ourselves to the magic of our sensuality and the joy we can emit into the world once we do.


September 10

Restorative Yoga lead by Tirza

As we expand in our hearts and spirits, Tirza helps expand into peace in our bodies and souls. Stretching takes you there.​


WomBelt : Bless + Protect + Honor + Adorn guided by Tirza

Crafting womb belts infused with intention, prayer, and protection- sit with sisters in circle while sipping on blue lotus teas and self love potions​

12:15 PM - 1:15 PM

Closing Reflection Circle | Prayer+ Water & land Offerings |


A Wealthy womb: the Nourished Feminine Flowing Frequency & Sovereignty shared by Annamarie , Melissa and Nayeva​ 

The world would be a different place if all women had the abundance in all elements of their lives to live out their wildest dreams. We share the ways we are shifting the paradigm and creating possibilities for the feminine to truly RISE through multifaceted levels.. A well nourished woman is an unstoppable woman. 



Self Care​

Womb Wisdom: Writing new narratives guided by Tirza Dawn

 A writing release workshop, helping to reset our thought patterns, re-write our stories and shine light on our truths. Annamarie shares with art expression, intentional painting reminding us how to fertilize our soils of what we want to grow in our lives with the ashes of burning away all that is no longer serving the soul.​

Shamanic Ceremony lead by Medicine Woman Melissa


Shakti Power : Alchemy of Inner Fire guided lead by Natalia

 Fire Release Ritual + Sacred Sisters Drum circle 

Shedding all the bull shi* and shaking it up as we step into the Shakti flame we all have. Lighting up our paths and our purpose with radical responsibility​.

Burn whatever may be holding us back, release the rage, honor the fire within, find safety in our sacred sisterhood, drum to the beat of your heart, activate your voice in prayer song, and let your light burn bright​

Fearless + Free Dance +Intentional movement magic lead by Natalia

Shake it UP honey!!! Lets move, lets howl, let whatever ecstatic expression that is needing to be heard be free! Dance, shake, MOVE to the groove of your radiant loving heart​


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