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Melissa Castillo

Meet Melissa, your guide for this beautiful retreat. Melissa is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Mexican Medicine Woman, Soul Immersion Practitioner, Reiki I & II practitioner, Q’ero Incan shamanic apprentice, and somatic and trauma-informed.


Melissa’s mission is to support individuals on their journey to evolve and self-realize that safety and harmony in life resides in the body. She utilizes ancient wisdom and nature’s connection with modern practices to heal the body, mind and soul. 

She specializes in gut health, teaching people how to heal dis-ease and symptoms by detoxing, repairing, and nourishing at a cellular level with organic nutrition and nature’s resources. As her learnings evolved from being a former personal trainer for 6.5 years and receiving a B.A. degree in Human Development, to then gut health coaching, she went deeper into her studies on soul health. She learned that the emotional body and energetic body also requires detoxing, repairing, and nourishment to improve soul health, not just physical health. This looks like shadow work, ancestral healing, working with rays of light, and self-love practices. 

Her motto is “my mess is my message”. A majority of her knowledge and wisdom roots from her own life experiences. As your guide, her intention is to support you on your journey back home into the safety of your body, re-indigenizing.

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Afi Ayanna


Meet Afi Ayanna, Certified Health Coach , Therapeutic Yoga Instructor, Yoga Nidra facilitator and Tantric facilitator. She believes that optimal health and pleasure is a human right. 

Using a unique combination of nutritional and yogic therapy, she dwells as a bridge between east meeting west meeting indigenous wisdom. She is an initiate of Sri Vidya Tantra, a living direct lineage of Goddess worship from the devi temples of South India.  

She facilitates in awakening your divine feminine temple to explore, live and integrate the life force energy of your highest expression.

There is a magic that happens when women share their stories. She is passionate about creating safe space for this exploration. 

I love focusing on simple, efficient ancient future daily techniques to gracefully awaken kundalini shakti.

Natalia Price


Tirza Dawn

Tirza Dawn has been studying and teaching yoga for 30 years and has is focused on helping guide students of yoga to becoming teachers of yoga through her Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher Trainings and Regenerative Yoga Retreats.
Tirza was a founder of the dhyana center of Ayurveda in Northern California, establishing the yoga programming and trainings for that center for 10 years.
Tirza has been a founder of multiple nonprofits. She helped to start ASEC (Action Sports Environmental Coalition) in which she worked to green the action sports industry and bring awareness of health and Gaia consciousness to the industry and to the youth. She founded Mystic Family Circus, a nonprofit and performing circus troupe dedicated to cultural awareness and planetary healing.
Tirza was a founder of The Buckeye gathering, the premier ancestral skills gathering in California and has also taught classes at other ancestral skills gatherings like Spirit Weavers.

Her most recent nonprofit she founded with her partners Dave and Annamarie Sandoval is called the AWAKEN project and offers healing retreats to families with autistic children with the focus being on celebrating the gifts of Autism and support for the entire family.

The root to Tirzas work with all of her endeavors is her connection to ceremonial ways and entheogenic plant healing as taught to her by her teachers and relatives.


Nayeva Florie

Nayeva Florie is a long time earth activist, growing up in Hawaii, raised on an organic farm. She was raised around Native American ceremonies throughout her life and was a beadwork artist for many years before having children. She is now a successful entrepreneur with Purium and aspired to help more women get the self care and nutrition we all deserve.

She bring many talents to share about nutrition, the sacredness of water and sweat lodge, and all elements as well as fun project we will all get to take home with us


Natalia is a women's embodiment coach, ordained priestess and focalizer of the 13 Moon Mystery School. A modern day mystery school for over 30 years that is dedicated to raising consciousness and honoring the re-balancing of the planet through the wisdom teachings of the Divine Feminine.


Natalia is fiercely dedicated to the rising of the feminine and empowering women to align with and trust their intuitive wisdom to offer their gifts with purpose and confidence. She facilitates a year-long priestess initiation circle, embodied ritual leadership program, monthly moon gatherings, 1:1 soul work with individuals, and community rituals.


Her work supports and inspires women to step more fully into their feminine power and embodied vitality, by working with archetypes, priestess practices, and embracing shadow, so that they may have greater clarity and impact in the world. 

Natalia is a certified death doula, Queen of Death temple keeper for the Sanctuary of the Open Heart and works with the Full Circle Living and Dying Collective to transform and reclaim our relationship with death.


She currently lives in Nevada City, northern California with her son and husband, where they own Sacredskulls Tattoo and Jewelry Studio.

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