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History of The Native Springs Oasis

Nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range and the Sequoia National Forest the Native Springs Oasis is home to hundreds of plant and animal species, and is made up of thousands of artesian springs bubbling up in the middle of the dessert. 

This sacred earth is a historical piece of land that was once home to Native Americans. Being the only source of water for many, many miles surrounding tribes would utilize this space as harmony grounds to come to share hunting rights, foraging, and to create a market type trade exchange for other goods they may have.

Currently we reserve the Native Springs Oasis as a nature preserve, and total healing space, protecting the pure waters that run through this land and the animals who call it home as well. We host only retreats and events that are in support of healing, and will do no harm to the land.

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Pure Waters

Native Springs Oasis was given its name because it is exactly that, an Oasis in the dessert, The waters that run on this land are not fed from a river or any larger source of water, they  are simply hundreds of thousands of springs bubbling straight up from the earth, These waters lay untouched by any being, and are naturally filtered through earths own natural aquifer. 

Native Springs Oasis is also a water protection site, holding rights from the headwaters to almost the entirety of the length of the springs, we maintain the purity and preservation of these waters and will not sell the water to bottling corporations.

We believe these waters to be holy, a divine expression and offering from Mother Earth, here to carry our prayers, to balance our spirits ,cleanse our hearts, and wash away our suffering.

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